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My name Is David Doran, better known by my online alias "Sandman" in the Esports gaming scene. I am a professional photographer who specializes in Esports and concerts. I have been photographing events since 2015 and my photos have been featured on Redbull, ESPN, and the in-game menu for Halo 5: Guardians. I have worked with many companies while shooting, specifically Esport events, such as Astro Gaming, MLG, SXSW, 343 Industries, and Xbox.


I have been described by many as a passionate individual and I believe my experiences confirm that. In the past, I have paid my own way to events and driven long distances because it is something I love doing and it is important to me to support the communities I shoot for—no matter the personal cost. I believe my passion is a big factor that sets me apart from other photographers. This is not a profession—it is a passion. I shoot because I love it and I shoot to support the communities I shoot for.

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